You Decide the Heat

Ren’s Blends are an exciting range of artisan Indian recipe kits created using the best quality spices incorporating our unique, genius, Chilli-Ometer so that you can decide how hot your dish will be.

We have measured all the spices for you so there’s no need for measuring, no storing and no wasting! Simply buy the ingredients listed on the shopping list on the back of the pack, choose your desired chilli level and follow the easy instructions to create your perfect dish.


The Chilli-Ometer

The true genius of our innovative Chilli-ometer is that it allows you to decide exactly how hot or mild you want your dish to be. Just three simple steps;

1. Decide how hot or mild you want to go

2. Add the indicated amount of Ren’s special red chilli powder

3. You have your perfect, bespoke heat levelled, dish

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