I’ve been teaching Indian cookery at my cookery school Ren’s Kitchen since 2004, I’ve taught well over a thousand people in this time and listened to these keen cooks’ experiences of making Indian food at home. All too often, they complain about lack of taste and depth, then they find their way to me, and I change their cooking world! Bold words I know, but I’ve made it my mission to fix their curry woes and simplify this exotic area of the kitchen. It’s all about the spices, don’t you know? Also for a number of years, through Ren’s Pantry, I’ve been supplying leading chefs and restaurants, including Ottolenghi, Core, The Fat Duck, Ikoyi, Chiltern Firehouse, and Hide with the finest spices and ingredients to make their dry stores imaginative and sexy!
All our spices and ingredients are carefully sourced, reasonably priced and will last longer because they have more depth and flavour than generic supermarket options. You can purchase everything in a choice of sizes and sustainable packaging types.

So what are you waiting for, pimp up your pantry with the best spices around!

With Curry Love, Ren X