About the Spice Box

The spice box or masala dabba is one of the most integral pieces of equipment for any Indian home, think of it as your ‘spice tool box’.
In our family, the ‘bride’ is given one as part of her wedding trousseau along with saris and sandals. My mum still uses the one that was given to her by my grandmother and I still use the one given to me.
In the top drawer next to my hob I have two spice boxes, one has all my daily essential spices in it and the the second houses spices I need but don’t use all the time like ajwain seeds, whole nutmeg, whole fenugreek seeds, brown sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, pink peppercorns, bay leaf, urad dhal, raw coriander seeds and raw fennel seeds.

The spice box is a very clever way of storing all your daily spices. None of this opening different jars, packets and tubs when you need the spices for a recipe! And as more often than not the oil is getting hot and you find yourself running around the kitchen like a lunatic deciphering what you need from a recipe and trying to locate the spices that are most likely to be at the back of a cupboard somewhere … a little snapshot of people in their kitchens for you!

The contents of the spice box vary depending on which region of India you are from. You will find lentils in a southern Indian dabba and you will definitely find a cumin and coriander blend in a Gujarati one.

I have chosen these ingredients as they are the ones that are most commonly used and if you find yourself not making much curry then you can use these spices for other cuisines. The cinnamon can be used in desserts and ground cumin and coriander can be used in Tex-Mex dishes. The turmeric can and should be used to reduce inflammation and drunk as a daily tonic.

When you start to use your dabba, it will be pristine and clean, you will be so proud of it and will show it off to everyone! Every spice will be behaving well in its own space and you’ll be able to see your reflection in the shiny steel, but as you start to use it and get more confident you will find a little turmeric in your chilli powder or some rogue black mustard seeds in the garam masala! The shiny exterior will have smudge marks on it and your reflection will look a little blurry. The truth is – that’s whats meant to happen, it’s meant to get a little mixed up and a bit war-torn! When I see a clean spice box which is super tidy, I do wonder how much the poor thing is being used!

Purchase Your Spice Box

The Luxury Spice Box

Introducing our stunning new Luxury Spice Box, which has been lovingly created and designed by us for you, or anybody lucky enough to receive one as a gift. This spice box is equally unique as it is beautiful, and is more like a piece of show furniture than a standard, practical piece of kitchen equipment. It will sit pretty adorning your counter top and all the fresh glorious spices that sit rested within will amplify your recipes flavours when allowed out to play.

Crafted from mango wood and polished brass, our luxury spice box comes with three perfectly balanced sweet little brass spoons, along with a helpful accompanying booklet explaining each spice and giving instructions for both assembling and cleaning your spice box.

Contained within your Luxury Spice Box you will find;

Raw cumin seeds
Black mustard seeds
Whole clove
Black pepper corns
Cassia cinnamon
Cinnamon sticks
Dried red chill

Star anise
Cumin & coriander masala
Northern Indian garam masala
Hot Red chilli powder
Whole green cardamom
Black cardamom

Assembling Your Spice Box

To assemble your spice box lid
You will find a tray that sits on top of the seven steel bowls.
On this tray place the spices shown below and saffron (if you have purchased it)

To assemble your spice box base
In the bowls decant the following spices – The spoon can be slid under the little handle on the tray or can sit in one of the bowls.

Use Your Spice Box Like a Pro!

Using your dabba is quite the art form which you can master very easily. I recommend you read your recipe at least twice so you know what spices you are going to be using.

If you need the larger spices that sit on the tray then take them out onto a plate. If you are using Green Cardamon, remove the seeds as this can be fiddly.

When you need the spices from the bowls hold the entire dabba in your hand, and then using your spoon measure the spice you need and then add to your dish. I would discourage you to take the bowl out of the tin because this takes time is fiddly and really isn’t necessary.

Using your dabba this way will make you look like an accomplished ‘curry maker’ – a real pro!

How long will my spices last?

The spices will last at least 18 months from date of purchase.

Cleaning your spice box

Every so often, empty each bowl of spices into individual plates or bowls and give it a really good wash, the exterior of the dabba can be wiped clean more often. Everything is dishwasher proof including the spoons. Every time I clean mine, I promise to myself that I’ll keep it more tidy but this never happens because I am a messy ‘quick’ cook.
Thank you dishwasher!

Refills available

I sell entire refill packs for the dabba, or you can buy individual refills of the spices you are using the most. From experience you will use less of the chilli powder and lots of the other spices.