Our Dry Store Service

Ren’s Pantry is a unique dry stores company that is very different from others. We pride ourselves on supplying the freshest spices and ingredients into the kitchens of restaurants and hotels around the UK.

We are proud of the many hospitality businesses we can name as our clients. Cultivating good relationships with chefs, sharing product knowledge, working with seasonal menus and menu changes – it’s our aim to inspire dishes with our ingredients. Once you start using our products you won’t be able to use anything else because they are so good. You will be proud to have us as a supplier and your food and customers will thank you for it!


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    Bespoke Blends

    As well as having our own amazing blends and mixes, we are happy to make bespoke ones for you. We have found that this saves you time and guarantees consistency which we hear is often a problem in a busy kitchen. Each batch is made to order with the agreed recipe.

    How It Works

    1. You give us your recipe in complete confidentiality
    (NDAs welcomed if required)

    2. We make you a small batch to test and try

    3. You taste, use, and identify any updates needed – sometimes this process takes 2 or 3 tries

    4. Once you are happy with your blend, it’s ready to order

    Our Packaging

    Our square and rectangular tamper-evident tubs are 100% recyclable and BPA free. Our chefs absolutely love the shape and sizes of the tubs, which are much better than having circular ones due as they are stackable and space saving.

    Your first few orders will come in these tubs, after which you will receive your orders in plastic free, paper bags which you can decant. If you already have your containers, we go straight to our paper bags for supply.



    “At the Fat Duck we moved to using many or Ren’s spices after she brought us such a vast selection of the most aromatic spices I’ve ever seen. The product is always consistent and Ren is so lovely to work with, her energy is infectious, and she even occasionally cooks us staff tea. Highly recommend!”
    Edward Cooke, THE FAT DUCK
    “Ren’s spices are fantastic – fresh, vibrant and aromatic with wonderfully strong flavours. Her freshly milled cinnamon bark is the secret ingredient in our porridge range; it adds a unique fragrance and uplifting sweetness to the recipes.”
    Heidé Howells, HUSK & HONEY
    “ Ren’s spices are the best I have ever used. They have so much depth and aroma they breathe new life into existing dishes or they can be the main focus of new dishes.

    We put a lot of effort into finding the absolute best ingredients and it’s a great joy to work with someone who is as passionate about this as we are.”

    Nick Beardshaw, KERRIDGE'S
    “I have worked with Ren’s spices for the last 7 years in different kitchens, and I would like to say that are the best quality possible and they are bringing a new dimension and flavour to every dish. She is truly the spice Queen.”
    Emilian Craciun, PUBLIQ
    “I love Ren’s spices because they are so fresh and aromatic and your nose tells you this from the moment they are delivered. I also like that we can work together on making masalas and other spice bits and sourcing particular spices. It’s just different and better. Ren is passionate and a knowledge sharer, which is inspiring.”
    Calvin Von Niebel, OTTOLENGHI
    “Ren’s spices are by far the best in terms of quality and flavour that I have ever worked with. To cook with them is a joy and a pleasure, they enhance everything that we use them in. Ren’s spice masterclasses changed the way we used spices in the kitchen, her knowledge and passion was incredible and the chefs learned so much.”
    Rose Ashby, SPRING
    “We have been working with Ren for a few years now, which has been nothing but a pleasure. Ren is open to new suggestions and adapts to our needs with efficiency, professionalism and a big smile with every delivery. She sources the best produce with clear communication… I couldn’t imagine trading without Ren as a supplier.”
    Douglas McMaster, SILO
    “We love working with Ren’s Pantry.  As chefs, we’re very used to searching out the best ingredients, but often spices are overlooked or considered generic ingredients. Ren’s Pantry proves that this isn’t the case, that there’s a big difference between bog standard spices and the type of high quality, fresh ones that we get from Ren’s Pantry.  Ren’s passion for her product is great to see and her spices have undoubtedly improved our food. Thanks Ren!”
    Andy Oliver, SOM SAA
    “The freshest spices to bring life to your creations and with a wealth of knowledge behind each one from the lady herself, Ren’s Pantry is always our go-to store”.
    Olllie Dabbous, HIDE