Luxury Spice Box

Presenting our stunning new Luxury Spice Box. This spice box is equally unique as it is beautiful, and is more like a piece of show furniture than a standard, practical piece of kitchen equipment. It will sit pretty adorning your counter top and all the fresh glorious spices that sit rested within will amplify your recipes flavours when allowed out to play.
Crafted from mango wood and polished brass, our luxury spice box comes with three perfectly balanced sweet little brass spoons, along with a helpful accompanying booklet explaining each spice and giving instructions for both assembling and cleaning your spice box.
Contained within your Luxury Spice Box you will find;
Raw cumin seeds
Black mustard seeds
Whole clove
Black pepper corns
Cassia cinnamon
Cinnamon sticks
Dried red chill
Whole green cardamom
Black cardamom
Star anise
Cumin & coriander masala
Northern Indian garam masala
Hot Red chilli powder


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Presenting our luxury spice box which we are so proud of. We have lovingly designed this masala dabba that is made from mango wood and brass.
The box comes with all the spices that you need to create delicious curries and a beautiful book explaining how to use the spices.
You won’t want to hide this beauty in a cupboard.

Weight 2500 g